Al Di Meola’s Gear

Al Di Meola's Gear

Al Di Meola is very influential guitarist and composer who melds together many types of music stemming from jazz, classical, flamenco, rock music and more. He’s much more than just a fusion master which he is known for. Al Di Meola has a range of gear he uses such as classical guitars, steel string guitars, and of course electric guitars.

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LPB7TVEBGH1_MAIN_HERO_01 Al Di Meola Guitars felipe-conde-al-di-meola-xl Al Di Meola's Gear

  • Gibson Les Paul Custom (1971, 1959) – Al Di Meola has been using his old Les Paul’s in his recent tours. His 1971 Les Paul has DiMarzio pickups, but is a heavy guitar.
  • Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (1961)
  • Gibson Les Paul Custom – a signature prototype with f-holes
  • Gibson ES-175 (hollowbody)
  • PRS Custom Signature “Prism” Guitar
  • PRS Custom – Similar to his signature with a different finish, Al Di Meola also has another PRS built like a Les Paul
  • Conde Hermanos Nylon-String Guitars – He has a few of these along with his signature model
  • Martin D-18 Acoustic (1948)
  • Guild 12-String Acoustic
  • Ovation Signature Acoustic Guitar
  • Godin Multiac Nylon Guitar


overdrive_supreme_hrm_-_50_head_1 Mark5-112-large

  • Fuchs Overdrive Super 100 – with a Feiten Vintage 2×12 Cabinet
  • Mesa/Boogie Mark V

Effect Pedals:

Al Di Meola Pedalboard

Other Gear:

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