Wolfgang Muthspiel’s Gear

Wolfgang Muthspiel's Gear

Wolfgang Muthspiel is an Austrian guitarist who has recorded numerous albums as a leader and several as a sideman. He plays jazz music, classical music and has ventured into other genres. He uses a mix of electric guitars, classical and hybrid.

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Wolfgang Muthspiel Moffa Frameworks Nylon Guitar Wolfgang Muthspiel GearHeritage Millenium Eagle

  • Moffa Archtop guitar (photo 1) – Probably his main electric guitar
  • Moffa “Coraline” (photo here) – Recent guitar built by luthier Nico Moffa
  • Jim Redgate Classical Guitar – Wolfgang’s classical guitar
  • Frameworks Nylon String Guitar (photo 2)
  • Heritage Millenium Eagle (Photo 3)


Effects Pedals:


(Note: I couldn’t identify 2 pedals in the second photo, the first 2 effect pedals at the top left)

Sources: Video 1, Pedalboard Photo,

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