John Abercrombie’s Gear

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John Abercrombie was a jazz guitarist who is respected for his knowledge and experience in jazz and for pushing new boundaries in jazz. He had performed and recorded with countless musicians such as Michael Brecker. Read more to see John Abercrombie’s gear.

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  • Brian Moore Guitars Signature – Main guitar
  • Sadowsky Tele Style
  • Vox Guitars Single Cutaway
  • Soulezza Headless Guitars
  • McCurdy Guitars Custom
  • Peter Coura Guitar
  • Hamer Guitars
  • Roland GR-700 Guitar Synthesizer
  • Ibanez Guitar Synthesizer
  • Gibson Les Paul
  • Gibson ES-335
  • Gibson ES-175



John used a stereo setup usually with Roland Jazz Chorus amps

Effect Pedals and Other Effects:

John Abercrombie's Gear

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  1. Abercrombie is using a Hermida Zendrive and a Boss DD 7 or 5, as can be seen on film: Open Land-Meeting John Abercrombie (2018).
    There is a glims of a Boss purple coloured pedal and a Guild X50 (hollowbody) with humbucker in his home and a green pedal used at a gig in Germany.

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