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Nels Cline is a guitarist known for his work in a range of genres such as jazz to alternative rock (with the band, Wilco). He started as a jazz guitarist in the 1980’s and expanded into other genres since then. Nels has a huge collection of gear with over 100 guitars.

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  • Fender Jazzmaster (1960) – a very worn guitar which is Nels favorite and main axe, also has 12 other Jazzmasters
  • Jerry Jones Guitars – Owns 10 including a 12 string baritone double neck (a blue Jerry Jones Guitar above)
  • National Duolian (1937)
  • Sixties Crown solidbody
  • DeArmond Bajo Jet baritone (late 1990s)
  • Kay Solidbody (1960s)
  • Gibson Barney Kessel (1965)
  • Wandre/Davoli Cobra
  • Oahu Koa Acoustic (1930s)
  • Lap Steel Guitars – One by Moog
  • Fano 12 String – with two Lollar P-90s
  • BilT Volare
  • BilT Zatfig
  • Jime Leclair Tele
  • Eko, Silvertone, Hopf and Wandre Guitars – from the 1950s / 1960s
  • Henss Rosewood Jazzmaster
  • Gibson Les Paul Junior – For Open Tuning and Slide Guitar
  • Jerry Jones Neptune 12-string
  • Crown Guitar (Japan) – painted by Norton Wisdom
  • Bill Nash T-style
  • Guild Starfire-esque Hollowbody
  • Gibson J-200 Acoustic
  • Jazzmaster – Custom by John Woodland, Nels Guitar tech, that has Seymour Duncan PAF pickups



  • Schroeder DB7 – his main amp, Marshall 4×12 cabinet, blue-back Celestions
  • Marshall JTM45
  • Carr Impala
  • Magnatone/Panoramic amps – Nels favorite amps
  • ZT Club amp—a solid state uses in NYC
  • Gibson Crest (1959)
  • Fender Deluxe Reverb

Pedals and Effects:

ContentImage-14320-267719-effectsNels Cline Pedalboard

Other Gear:

  • Mastery Brigdes for all his Jazzmasters
  • Divine Noise Cables
  • Couch Racer X Strap

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