Pat Metheny’s Gear

Pat Metheny's Gear

Pat Metheny may perhaps be the most well-acclaimed jazz guitarist today. He became well-versed in jazz in his teens touring with Gary Burton. More recently, he has worked with his Pat Metheny Unity group expanding the boundaries of modern jazz.


Pat Metheny Ibanez  

  • Ibanez Pat Metheny Signature PM-100 – Pat’s current main guitar which he has used for many years
  • Gibson ES-175 – The classic jazz hollow-body guitar. A guitar he used mainly in the 1970’s and 80’s.
  • Roland G-303 Guitar Synth – He uses this to create an interesting texture (see video at bottom)
  • Manzer Acoustic Guitar
  • Manzer Picasso 42-String Guitar


  • Acoustic 134 Combo Amp – Used for 20 years until the mid 1990’s
  • Digitech GSP-2101 Preamp – His main amp after the Acoustic 134


While Pat Metheny doesn’t use many effects, he does use a pair of Lexicon Delays:

“the output of the Digitech is run into 2 lexicon prime-time digital delay lines, one on my left at 14 ms delay, one one my right at 26 ms delay. each delay has a very slight “pitch bend” controlled by the VCO (sine wave) inside the prime-time. this is what gives it the “chorused” thing…”      


  • Lexicon Prime Time II Digital Delay Model 
  • Roland GR-300 – Plays in conjunction with his synth guitar
  • Roland FC-300 Midi Footswitch

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