Yotam Silberstein’s Gear

Yotam Silberstein's Gear

Smalls Jazz

Yotam Silberstein is a Brooklyn-based Jazz guitarist from Israel. He has a large following around the world.

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Yotam Silberstein Comins Guitar

(left to right)

  1. Comins GCS1 – Yotam’s main guitar
  2. Gibson Super 400 – A guitar he used to use
  3. Godin Multiac Duet Nylon String – He has used this for performances and recording but no longer has it


  1. Fender Twin Reverb

Effect Pedals:

Yotam Silberstein Pedalboard

Credit: Frederico Brandt

  1. Boss OC-3 Super Octave
  2. Electro-Harmonix Superego Synth Engine
  3. Hotone Soulpress Wah / Volume / Expression
  4. Line 6 M-9 Stompbox Modeler
  5. TC-Electronic Ditto Looper
  6. Xotic EP-Booster

Other Gear:

  • Vovox Cables

Sources: Yotam Silberstein Instagram

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