John Scofield’s Gear

John Scofield's Gear

John Scofield is one of the most recognized guitarist in jazz and other genres. He has performed with Miles Davis and many other great musicians. John has used the same guitar for the past few decades and has a pretty heft pedalboard. Read more to find out John Scofield’s gear.

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John Scofield's Gear John Scofield Guitarbig ibanez-GB-30ESDP15CHNH1_MAIN_HERO_01 Fender_Custom_Shop_62_Stratocaster_Heavy_Relic_Shell_Pink_R46165_a

  • Ibanez AS-200 (1981) – John’s main guitar
  • Ibanez JSM – his Ibanez signature guitar
  • Ibanez T-style guitar (1970s)
  • Ibanez GB Custom
  • Gibson ES-335
  • Gibson Howard Roberts (1960s)
  • Fender Custom Shop Relic’d Strat
  • Fender Telecaster
  • Takamine Acoustic Guitars
  • Martin Acoustic Guitars


AC30_2x12_front-85b8b718f02627d9c08d712573fbccf6 Mark I Reissue pic_200804_guitarspeaker_1


Effect pedals he uses or has used:


  • Dunlop Delrin 2mm Picks

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