Ben Monder’s Gear


Ben Monder's Gear

by Topfive

Ben Monder is an eccentric guitarist who has released creative solo albums and many albums as a sideman. He has worked with jazz greats such as Paul Motian as well pop legend, David Bowie. He has used the same or similar gear for years and has recently added some newer effects. Read more to find out Ben Monder’s Gear.

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ibanez-as50-431708 lg_AS153_AYS_12_01

  • Ibanez AS-50 – His main guitar which he got in 1983
  • Ibanez AS153
  • Martin 0-18 (1936) Acoustic Guitar
  • Partscaster Strat – A Fender style guitar built with a bunch of different parts


Ben Monder Amp


Ben Monder Gear


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A nice video of his solo playing:

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