Grant Green’s Gear


Grant Green Gear

My awesome artwork of GG (Excuse my lame drawing)

Grant Green is one of the greatest jazz guitarists and has a very distinctive tone. He is known for his contribution to hard-bop, soul and funk and has worked with other legendary jazz musicians such as McCoy Tyner and Lee Morgan. Grant is one of my favorite guitarists and gets some awesome tone with a very basic gear setup.

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  • He used a Gibson ES-330 which has P-90 pickups in the early 1960s which you can hear on albums such as Green Street and Matador
  • Then he used a Gibson L7 McCarty
  • And an Epiphone Emperor
  • In 1972, he got a D’Aquisto New Yorker


ampeg-gemini-b img84554_real 65SuperRev-large Deluxe_NP_1958

Jazz guitarist back in the day usually used what was available in the studio or at a gig. Grant Green turned down the bass and treble and maxed the mid tones on his amp settings according to George Benson.

Grant Green used these amps:

  • Fender Tweed deluxe available in Rudy Van Gelder’s studio
  • Ampeg Gemini also in Rudy’s studio
  • Fender Super Reverb
  • Gibson LP-12 in the late 1960s

Grant Green’s gear consisted of a hollow body guitar, an amp with boosted mid tones with treble and bass cut, and no pedal effects.

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  1. His Emperor was an older non cutaway with what looked to be the same double pickup McCarty Pickguard he used on the L7. I love the tone he got out of that particular set up the best.

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