Gilad Hekselman’s Gear

Gilad Hekselman's Gear

Updated Dec 2, 2018

Gilad Hekselman is an Israeli guitarist based in NYC. He has recorded albums as a trio as does much of his work as a trio. He uses an array of gear with several different guitars and effects. Read more to find out Gilad Hekselman’s Gear.

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  • Victor Baker Guitar (hollowbody electric guitar). He also uses other Victor Baker Guitars.
  • Moffa Guitar – I saw him using one at a gig in Summer 2018 (See photo below).
  • Ibanez Talman (white electric guitar)
  • Gibson Howard Roberts (acoustic looking guitar)
  • Moollon T Classic (telecaster guitar)

Other Guitars:

He uses a Fender Telecaster in the video above.


tone king

Amp he uses on the roof top in his videos.



Brought the old Gibby out for today’s Valentine’s Day gig. #oldlove #gibson #howardroberts

A photo posted by Gilad Hekselman (@ghex) on

Update: I saw Gilad Hekselman trio at Jazz Standard in January, 2017. His pedalboard is now a bit different:

Gilad Hekselman Pedalboard

Update 2: (2/16/18) Gilad performed at Smalls in Feb 2018 with a few changes to his pedalboard:

Effects he uses or has used:



Strum N Comfort Picks Gilad Hekselman Signature.

11 Replies to “Gilad Hekselman’s Gear”

  1. Hi, I know that gilad sometimes uses 2 different amps. One is a bass amp that he uses because of the super octave oc 3. Does anyone knows the order that he uses the pedals? thank you very much.

    1. Hi, I still have the workshop video from Combo Coaching Seasson that was on Youtube (it is not on youtube for some reason anymore). I guess you question is what is the chain path to the bass amp. In the video he states Guitar | Compresor | EQ | Bass Amp.

      1. Hi Vuk, I’d be grateful if you reupload the video! I had the video but lost it from corrupted memory card. Thanks!

  2. On the Baker there’s tape going to/from the tailpiece to the f hole? I don’t see an extra (midi?)pick-up. Anybody know what it is? I’ve only just discovered him, fascinating harmonies, sounds like two guitarists sometimes, love it all. Victor Baker lays great too, and another client, Romain Pilon.

  3. Does anyone know what the additional electronics and switch he seems to have bolted onto the front of his guitar?

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