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Lage from his Website

Lage Lund is a jazz guitarist based in New York. He is rising in the jazz scene as one of the most musical and talented artist of his generation. He likes to keep his gear setup simple and portable.

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In the photo above he uses a 1959 Gibson ES-350 (discontinued).

Sadowskycutout-small-1 archtop-head

He uses a custom Schottmueller guitar (right) and a Sadowsky Jim Hall guitar and other Sadowsky guitars.


He also uses a Fender D’Aquisto which is a hard to find guitar.


Lage also use a D’Angelico EX-DH.


From Interview


He likes to keep things simple using mostly  tuner, delay, reverb, and volume pedals.

Lage Lund Gear

Effects he uses or has used:




He mentioned he likes Thomastik Strings on Facebook.


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