Pat Martino’s Gear

Pat Martino's Gear

Pat Martino is one of the worlds most influential jazz guitarist of today. He has decades of experience and has developed his own mathematical concept of the guitar and music theory. Pat has went through a variety of guitars over the years.

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Guitars: (from current – oldest)


  • Benedetto Signature Guitar (black) – His current guitar
  • Gibson Signature Guitar (flamed maple) – Pat’s signature guitar from the 2000s
  • Rivera Guitar
  • Polytone Guitar
  • Ovation Acoustic
  • Ibanez Guitar
  • Gibson L-5S (solidbody)
  • Gibson ES-335-12 (12 string)
  • Univox 12 String Guitar
  • Sam Koontz Custom Guitar
  • Gibson L-5 CES
  • Gibson Johnny Smith
  • Gibson ES-175
  • Les Paul Custom – One of his first guitars that he used for many years




  • GHS Strings  .015   .017   .024   .032   .042   .052.016   .018   .026   .036   .048   .056

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